My Pretty Pink Folder

Long ago I learned to compartmentalize some of my small business owner activities so that they don't overwhelm.

  • I order new supplies once a week (Wednesdays) and I don't even think about it in between.
  • When bills come in, I immediately tuck them into my "pink folder". I only sort through and pay bills on Friday.
  • I come in at 9:00 and leave at 6:00 and weekends are not for working.
It's like Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs. In life, we need to meet the physiological basics first (food, water, sleep, etc) before we concern ourselves with the "higher" needs.

Similarly, I find that if my inventory is well stocked, my bills are paid, and my mind and body are refreshed by family and friends, then all the other stresses of owning my business are manageable.

Even if I do work extra hours (not really that uncommon), at least I have made an agreement with myself that I don't have to, so staying is more of a pleasure than a stress.

Do I accomplish everything I want in every day? Nope. Do I move forward on my projects as quickly as I would wish? Nope. Do I take each day with a relaxed and open heart: as much as I can.



Anonymous said…
I like that concept.
it's very helpful to know how other busy successful small business owners deal with the deluge of paperwork without going insane. i guess i need to figure out what needs to be accomplished for me to have a less stressful work week and schedule those things on certain days. i like this and will try it. thanks for sharing kaila!
Anonymous said…
Thank you for posting your philosophy. It is so good to know that it is possible to successfully balance a business and family/outside life.

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