Community Participation Update

For those who have interest in how this project is going forward, it looks like the Maker's Meet won't happen in September as I had hoped, but things are nonetheless moving forward!

Our new deadline is November 15th when I am scheduled to teach a class on making pressed powders and lipstick at I have notified all participants that the class is both for them, as well as a rough draft of my program I am putting together for neighborhood youth.

It's been a lot of fun to try to bring this one home. We ("we" meaning "the universe") are still very much in the innovation phase of Make Your Own Natural Color Cosmetics, so there is a lot of research which needs to be done. A lot of recipe writing and equipment getting and "best way to do this" figuring out.

I am tackling this with my assistant, Lennye, in the stolen moments between running my business and sleeping. I used to try to tell her what I wanted done in a day, but it turned out I spent a lot of time explaining myself and it was confusing for her and frustrating for me.

We have since stumbled on a solution which works very well for us. I now give her the day's work in the form of a "test" or "lab assignment". I sit down and list a series of questions and experiments that I want to her accomplish and then I leave blanks for her to fill in the answers.

We have found that by doing this she stays focused on answering the questions I have, I get the answers I am looking for, and we are magically pulling together the beginnings of a lab assignment.

As the photo shows, I'm not doing this in any kind of fancy way -- but it works, and it moves us forward.

Yeah us!

Kaila Westerman
TKB Trading, LLC


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