Pressed Powder Redux

Tomorrow I'm teaching my first class on how to press powders (eye shadows, blushes and so forth). Below is a little video showing my studio!

I worked really hard to conceptualize this cosmetic process for the home cosmetic chemist and while I still have some loose ends, its gratifying to see it come together.

Bottom Line: set deadlines (real ones like a class) and you'll accomplish more, even if it stresses you out!


AurĂ©lie said…
This looks so great ! What a shame I cannot assist (an airplane ticket from France would probably be a *little* too much for my wallet...) Anyway, have a great day teaching this class, I'm sure your clients will love it.
Georganne said…
I am interested in custom blend liquid foundations. Since E.L. quit making them, there is still a need! Kaila can I purchase the ingredients needed from TKB?? Hoping for your reply.

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