Working with "% by Weight" in a recipe

We get this question a lot:
"I'm looking to make the sparkle body balm, but I don't understand this whole % by weight thing..? Can you convert it to grams or something?"
Here is our answer:
It isn't necessary to convert to grams.  Let's say the recipe is:
10% powder
30% liquid
60% secret ingredient.

The recipe always adds up to 100%.

So, to make a 100 gram recipe, you would just do
10 grams powder
30 grams liquid
60 grams secret ingredient.

If 100 grams is too large a batch for you, and you only want to make a 25 gram batch.  Well, 25 is 1/4th of 100 so you would mix:
2.5 grams powder
7.5 grams liquid
15 grams secret ingredient

Hope this helps.


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