Sunday, July 22, 2007

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Kaila Westerman

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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Video Blog: Make Eyeshadow with TKB

The video snippet shows how easy it is to blend colors in a 3x4 zip lock bag,
and an easy way to fill an eyeshadow jar when you are finished.

Click Here You Idiot (dot com)

I know the URL name is obnoxious, but I have never forgotten this website. Not just because of the obnoxious name, but because I found the information at the site very useful.

Whether you intend to sell something online or you are a potential purchaser, this webpage opens your eyes to the psychology of the one-page sales pitch.

The site is a tongue-in-cheek example of how you get someone to "click here" and buy a product from you. Read and be educated!

The URL?

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Video Blog: How to Use a Professional Lipstick Mold

The person making these lipsticks had never seen nor used a lipstick mold before in her life. With minimal instruction, she was able to make professional-looking lipstick!

Monday, July 09, 2007

Naked Cosmetics, Informercial as Marketing

A couple of months ago, I was contacted by a vivacious young woman who was a producer for a TV show. She just loved my products and thought we were perfect for her show! How Thrilling!

Of course, after a bit of probing and confusion, I realized that she was selling me something. Her company would produce, edit and air an informercial on my products and in exchange I would pay them money and hopefully reap the rewards. I decided to pass, primarily because our company does not have a finished retail product (we sell bulk ingredients, not finished cosmetics). Another reason I passed was because I had heard stories, some good and some bad, about the value of such investments.

Here we are a couple of months later and I just saw an informercial for mineral makeup which I believe was produced by the very same company I said "no" to. I think the video is interesting, the product being promoted (Naked Cosmetics) intriguing and I think it will probably prove to have been a good investment for the ladies behind the makeup. If you are in the business of making a retail cosmetic and are thinking about ways in which you can market yourselves, I strongly suggest that you take some time to study what the ladies at Naked Cosmetics are up to.

First the hyperlinks:

The Naked Minerals Infomercial.
This is really interesting to me because of what she says, hows she differentiates her product from others, and the fact that she (Marlene) is not a "movie star" type, just an average lady who seems very much like many of my customers.

The Naked Minerals Website.
You can also see the video at this site, and also learn more about the company.

ITV -- this is the organization which produced the videos. To learn more about what they offer specifically, watch the video on the Unique Business Opportunity with Donald Barret.

Let me close by saying that to my knowledge, TKB has no affiliation with any of these companies. I just happened to be watching TV on a Sunday afternoon and caught the tail end of the video. I immediately wanted to pass it on to you, because I thought you would find it interesting. I don't necessarily agree with anything the people are saying, I have no idea if ITV is a good outfit or not, I've never touched the Naked Cosmetics product, etc. etc.

Just lettin' ya know about it. Enjoy!

Kaila Westerman

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